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I Have been working on this for the last six months.

2018 Reel

July 2, 2018

Blah blah, doesn’t have the awesome work from current projects, but it’s not too bad.

1.) Grab the latest studio pro download for Linux. (12.5.x) as of writing, but  I’m using 13.1.7 alpha.

2) Extract the contents, I’ve just gone “/home/dude/Downloads” and make a new folder in your home directory, “/home/dude/programs” for example.

3) Open a terminal and cd to “/home/dude/Downloads/3delight-13.1.7-Linux-x86_64” and run the following: “./install –prefix home/dude/programs”

4)cd to /home/dude/programs/3delight-13.1.7

5)run: “unset DELIGHT”

6)run: “source .3delight_bash”

7)cd to home

8)sudo gedit .bashrc (and add the following lines)

# set DELIGHT path

export DELIGHT=/home/dude/programs/3delight-13.1.7/Linux-x86_64
source /home/dude/programs/3delight-13.1.7/.3delight_bash

9)I had issues with these env variables not being present, so set these too, with the following command.  “export MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH=/home/dude/programs/3delight-13.1.7/maya/2017/plug-ins”, and MAYA_SCRIPTS_PATH, DL_DISPLAYS_PATH too.

10) Set the frame buffer to be i-display in 3delight prefs in Maya, before you render, or it will crash Maya.

I launch Maya from a terminal, that way everything is set right. Also, if you plan on adding your own custom OSL shaders, set this env too.











Not mine, but I trimmed what I needed. Great to add to your shelf, and make a shortcut.

node = hou.pwd()
for i in hou.selectedNodes():
if hou.nodeTypeCategories().keys():
### Above function lets you call this function on any context ###
dir = i.parent().path() + ‘/’
selNodeName =
nodeinfo = i.type().name()
nullnode = hou.node(‘/%s’%dir).createNode(‘null’, ‘OUT’)
selNodePos = i.position()
nullnode.setColor(hou.Color( [0,0,0] ))
### Setting node position ###

Colour Constructor

December 27, 2017

Really neat tool, and super cheap too.

Colour Constructor


3D Prints

December 18, 2016

So I’ve finally bought a printer. A Zortrax M200 to be exact. Great machine. Rigid construction and a nice closed loop ecosystem. Which means consistent prints.