Voxels and Points in Houdini

December 25, 2014

Okay, so we all know what Voxels are right. But lets talk about how they function compared to points. Points have a position in World Space, but they have no actual spatial representation in this space, this makes sense. Now Voxels function differently, where they indeed have a spatial representation but they exist position-wise, relative to other Voxels in the grid. They have no World Space positions. What they do have apart from existing relative to each other in the grid, is that they are also relative to the domain of the grid, its bounding box essentially. Below you can see the first image is a volume created from a sphere sitting next to a poly cube.


In wireframe mode it becomes pretty obvious that the cube has points 0-7, but the volume has only 1 point. This one point being the center of the volumes domain.